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One week into the 'life' of John Caul

It's a curious thing publishing a book. The pleasure of seeing the pre-orders come in is balanced by the nervousness about what will happen when the book is in the wild. Will people buy it? Will they like it if they do?

To my shame, over the week that Rakehell has been on sale (right here) I've become a bit of a Kindle Unlimited Page Reads watcher. I know that people buy books and don't read them immediately. I have something (ahem) of a to be read pile myself... but KU page reads are incontrovertible proof of pages being read. At first I wondered -- is this 5 people reading my book to the end? Or 50 just beginning? Or 1000 just reading the first page and giving up... But as the pages mounted I became more convinced... people were reading Rakehell to the end.

One of my promoted posts got a comment from a stranger saying "Amazing book!". My first thought was that this was some sort of bot and I admit I clicked through to his public profile to see a young man standing in a cinema before a huge John Wick poster. Yep, he was evidence of an actual reader and I could see how the book might fit with what little I now knew of his tastes. Cinematic. Action packed. Featuring a 'do or die' antihero.

The reviews have NOT flooded in though. I know there are readers but what do they think? As a relatively new author I have no sense of how many people who read a book will go on to review it. Not many based on early indicators.

What I was lucky to get, is interest from MurderMayhem&More - a blog I already followed, run by the couple behind the writing and marketing of the wild and bloody Killing Sisters series.

For the next week I have a Kindle Countdown deal running in the USA and begin one in the UK tomorrow which hopefully will entice a few more readers into the world of John Caul.

And while that is going on I'm already anticipating the arrival of the second book in the series, Wolfmonath, in December. One of the cool things about self publishing is being in control of your publishing schedule. No traditional publisher will let you fire out thrillers like bullets from a gun, but publishing yourself gives you the ability to get to market fast and give those first readers a place to continue on to.

A third book is already in the works for 2021.

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