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Review: A Last Act Of Charity

I read A Last Act Of Charity, the first Killing Sisters series book, mostly out of curiosity having seen a pic of the author on the excellent blog MurderMayhem&More.


JJ Stoner once killed people for a living. In the military his kills were government-sanctioned. As a mercenary they were privately contracted. He doesn’t mention the other kills, those of his own initiative. Highly-trained, finely-honed and used hard, Stoner now seeks not to kill as he investigates underworld activities for official intelligence agencies, an entirely deniable operative in sleazy situations.


This is one of those books that rather fries the brain, but in a good way. The style of writing is very free flowing with none of the 'Lee Child Terseness' that has become deriguour in action thrillers.

Once you get a handle on it, it feels like the literary equivalent of a Robert Rodriguez movie - lots of sex, action and bloody mayhem (oh, and music).

I have no idea how long it takes to write one of these books but it feels like one of those 70s exploitation novels hammered out on a typewriter in a week by someone like Michael Moorcock, while doing lots and lots of speed. In case you doubt it, that IS a recommendation! Should be re-released with a lurid painted cover in the style of Hard Case Crime.

If you like Quarry, Parker et al I'd recommend giving this a go, but I can see it appealing to Killing Eve fans too as it has that sort of high-energy bloodlust and sly humour.

Get it on Amazon.

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