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Review: The Girl And The Stars

Like the previous trilogy set in the same world the story opens with a shock that reorders the world around the heroine. Like Alice before her, this opens up a remarkable, and rather terrifying new world for Yaz, the heroine, who belongs to a tribe living on the perpetual, and world encroaching, ice.

From there the story is a little more picaresque than our previous visit to Abeth and though much of the world is familiar this tale is more of a journey of discovery compared to the violent Mallory Towers of the xSisters books.

What is very much the same is the quality of both the story and the writing that delivers it. Lawrence has come a long way since his gut churning debut and is now easily in the top handful of fantastic fiction writers working today.


Note: While I received a free ARC of this book for review, that in no way coloured my opinion of the book - which I also bought in both the US and UK First Editions.

Buy it on Amazon.

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