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Review: The Turning Tide

Ok. - quick admission. I've not read any of the books in this series (Dandy Gilver) since the first one, which I loved. Time and distraction kept me from reading more until now.

Clearly, there has been some water under the bridge since the Armistice Ball but actually puzzling out the various relationships was in some ways as satisfying as the mystery, which has a rather odd premise (a female ferry boat operator has gone somewhat off the rails embarrassing the town) but proves to me engrossing. McPherson has a splendid eye for character and the setting, despite being a now rather distant one, is quite natural and convincing.

The attitudes to childbirth and rearing are quite amusing to read now. Certainly the book is well researched. Will I head back and read the 12 novels in the series I missed? No. But I might well read the next one!

Note: This review is based on a free ARC copy but that in no way coloured my opinion of the book.

Get it from Amazon.

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