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Review: Singapore Killer

Five books into the Ash Carter series by Murray Bailey so you probably know if you like these or not. I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of the latest one.

Singapore Killer is a plot driven thriller set in the 1950s, though most of the character display very modern sensibilities and it's easy to understand who they are. A serial killer is operating amongst the military police.

There’s a lot of interesting incident - helicopter crashes, religious cults, smuggling, guerrillas etc. The characters are relatively broad strokes and some of the military ones are a bit bland. I’m afraid you will very quickly narrow the villain down to two men but it's touch and go which is the killer before the reveal. That’s not a huge problem, the pleasure of the book is in its pace and I read it in just a couple of days.

Fast entertainment for fans of Jack Reacher and his ilk. You can check out the author, a bit of a self publishing veteran, at: https://www.murraybaileybooks.com/

Note: This review is based on a free ARC copy but that in no way coloured my opinion of the book.

Buy in on Amazon.

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