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Mature Content

Warning, Badly Cut Up contains:

Frequent Violence

Gang violence

Sexual violence

Threatened sexual violence

Violence to the eye

Violence to a corpse

Violence against the police

Dog fighting


Body modification



More torture

Threats of violence (acted on)

Threats of violence (not acted on)

Drug dealing

Drug use

Drug abuse

Sex on drugs

Mental health issues


Therapy (problematic)

A generally neutral attitude to sex work

A general belief in the equal ability of men and women to undertake criminal acts

Both positive and negative attitudes to law enforcement


Home invasion

Property crime

A brief reference to the Holocaust

Expressions of racist beliefs (not the author’s)

The N word

Incarceration (prison)

Incarceration (abduction)

Bondage (non-sexual)

Grief / intense personal loss

Dangerous driving (mild)

Use of firearms

Use of knives

Autopsy (non-explicit)

Implied childhood trauma (non-explicit)

Amputees (positive unless specifically triggering to you)

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