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One week into the 'life' of John Caul

It's a curious thing publishing a book. The pleasure of seeing the pre-orders come in is balanced by the nervousness about what will happen when the book is in the wild. Will people buy it? Will they like it if they do? To my shame, over the week that Rakehell has been on sale (right here) I've become a bit of a Kindle Unlimited Page Reads watcher. I know that people buy books and don't read them immediately. I have something (ahem) of a to be read pile myself... but KU page reads are incontrovertible proof of pages being read. At first I wondered -- is this 5 people reading my book to the end? Or 50 just beginning? Or 1000 just reading the first page and giving up... But as the pages mount

Review: James Bond Casino Royale Graphic Novel

Having laid into the new Bond GN "Reflections of Death" a few days ago I thought I'd take another look at Casino Royale, the first of two faithful adaptations of Fleming from Dynamite. How faithful? Well, at lot of the text is direct from Fleming, albeit necessarily abridged by writer Van Jensen. And beyond that the story is very faithful to the book. The flavour is all there too: the detailed explanations of chemin de fer, the long pursuit by SMERSH as Bond and Vesper travel the coast of France. Nothing is missed or rushed. One innovation by Van Jensen is the 'Bond Vision' - a set of captions that aim to show what it happening in Bond's mind and how he see's the world. This is really very w

Review: A Last Act Of Charity

I read A Last Act Of Charity, the first Killing Sisters series book, mostly out of curiosity having seen a pic of the author on the excellent blog MurderMayhem&More. JJ Stoner once killed people for a living. In the military his kills were government-sanctioned. As a mercenary they were privately contracted. He doesn’t mention the other kills, those of his own initiative. Highly-trained, finely-honed and used hard, Stoner now seeks not to kill as he investigates underworld activities for official intelligence agencies, an entirely deniable operative in sleazy situations. This is one of those books that rather fries the brain, but in a good way. The style of writing is very free flowing wit



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