By David Harold

In Rakehell, John Caul is a burnt out agent of the 'Empire of Spies', the not-so-United Kingdom. He’s sent on an easy job: investigate Stefan Rakehell, a reclusive technology baron living in splendid isolation at sea.

Over a meal of deadly fugu blowfish Caul reaches his conclusion: Rakehell is mad, but inconsequential. When Rakehell is murdered and Caul fails to catch the killers, he is assigned to a disaster site in the Russian tundra. The connection between the two events reveals a new kind of terrorism, and a creed that puts humans last.

Caul’s only help is whoever is at hand as he careens across the globe: a painter with a secret; an honorable diplomat; a risk-taking TV producer; a circus performer. The world is already on the edge of chaos; can they save it from a plot that threatens destruction around the globe?



November 12 2020

Here's your next series of page turning spy thrillers for fans of James Bond, Jason Bourne or Jack Reacher.

In a world on the edge, what kind of people can make a difference? John Caul is a brutal instrument of international action for the British 'Empire of Spies.' Maybe he's too burned out to care about the collapsing world, but defending his country is all he knows and he'll be damned if he lets the 'other side' win. 

With three remarkable women joining the chase, the secretive Betsy Gale, adventurous newshound Cora Love, and para-athletic circus star Beatrix Carrier, Caul has just one chance to save the world from a final hammer blow. 




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September 18, 2020

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September 17, 2020

Meet John Caul

September 15, 2020

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